Murphy’s Ships an Electric Giraffe to see the President!

One of our long time customers and local inventors, Lindsay Lawlor asked us to help him out with getting Russell, his life size robotic giraffe to an event at the White House.


Here is Lindsay getting Russell the Giraffe ready and loaded into the container we had custom built to be his new home away from home for events all over the country.

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Getting it loaded onto the semi truck flatbed was kind of a nerve wracking moment.



But it all worked out fine and it made its way across the country to be delivered to the Smithsonian for unloading.



Here he is being unloaded from his container


And him getting a ride through the DC streets on his way to the event.


Lindsay and the giraffe motoring along on its way to his spot on the lawn


Lindsay with Russell Pinnington who programmed and is the voice of Russell the giraffe.



Here is Lindsay showing Russell the giraffe to President Obama and explaining his creation.

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A good shot of Russell



Lindsay and Russell enjoying some shade.


Lindsay with his crew after the event took place

We have from left to right Ron Margole (Lindsays’ dad), Lindsay Lawlor (Head inventor), Russell Pinnington (Programmer and voice talent), and in the background a pretty White House


We are really glad we were able to be a part of this great event and help to make it happen.

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All photos copyright to those who took them. 


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